Bootjack Personalization

Our Western-style Custom Personalized Bootjacks and Branded Boot Pulls in Pine or Cedar

    Personalized boot jacks are….well…personal! and as a gift, it means so much more when it  has something special on it such as initials for the one receiving the gift or a custom emblem. We offer  a Western-Style personalization on some of the bootjacks in the form of letter branding using a western style font, or hand cut wood veneer emblems, such as the coyote, bucking bronco and deer,  that can be adhered to the bootjack. On others, we can do hand painting or hand wood burning. Some of the neatest bootjacks we have done were created with silhouettes, a Texas longhorn image and even a cutout with an insert placed inside. Though we do not have the ability to do detailed motifs, as these are usually done by laser, we can still do some pretty nifty things….and at a reasonable price 🙂

What are Our Personalized Bootjacks or Boot Pulls Made of ?

Most of our bootjacks are made with pine. When we are lucky, we get pine boards with a beautiful grain that makes gorgeous and unique boot pulls. Each one is different. Because of the nature of wood, no two will ever be alike. For this reason, we are always on the look out for beautiful wood.

Whether cedar or pine, they are all sturdy. It’s a misconception that a bootjack has to be built like concrete to withstand a large person. Doesn’t matter. The principle of the bootjack is simply leverage. The boot wearer can even sit down to use one. Simply place the heel of the boot inside the ‘U’ of the pull and ‘anchor’ the end of the bootjack with the other foot. Then tug. That’s it. Saves the back, saves the marriage 🙂 Well, after all, you can’t have wife or hubby always tugging of your boots, now can you you?

We also use aromatic Cedar wood with blond highlights that make awesome boot pulls. They are polyurethane-d to a high gloss and are outstanding in color and weight. We can’t guarantee that they will always have phenomenal grain. What we DO guarantee is that you will be pleased with the craftsmanship.

What About Shipping? And do You Ship Overseas?

  Shipping currently is at the base price of $10.95 each inside the Continental USA. Bootjacks are sturdy little guys and can take shipping well. Our recent orders overseas were to Germany, England (Great Britain) and  Russia. And they all arrived safely.

Shipping to your country, if you are outside the USA, will be different per country and when and how it reaches you will depend on your country’s policies and guidelines. It is best to order way ahead of the time you might need your order if it ti be on time for a specific event, such as Christmas, or a birthday. You will need to check with your postal service to find out what the best ways are to ship to your country to avoid duties or taxes that may be incurred. Shipping does not cover duties or taxes.

We also do not believe in a ‘One-Size-Fits-All” policy in shipping to other countries because of the difference between them. For this reason, we ask you to personally inform us by email what you want to order and when you want it to arrive. After giving us complete info, including your address and phone number (which our postal shipping regulations require) we will be able to give you an exact shipping quote specifically for your area. This will avoid overpayment on your part and save you a few dollars.

If you have an idea for your personalization, let us know. We’ll see if we can make it happen for you.
Personalization, depending on what is being done, can be and additional $10 to 15 per bootjack.

  Please view the photos below to see some of the items we have had personalization requested for.

   If you are requiring a personalized bootjack or have inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us by text or email. 307-575-3320 or

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Personzlized Boot jack Rawhide Gifts and Gallery Personalized BootJack