Bootjack-How to Use







Bootjack How to use; Western Hand finished, hand polished bootjack can be removed comfortably when sitting
Western Bootjack, laminated overlay of walnut or oak. Your boots can removed comfortably and easily from a standing position too!, Bootjacks How to use
How to remove a boot using a western bootjack
top view of a western boot jack

BootJack How-To's- How to Use the Boot Jack


Bootjacks and How to use them.  Bootjacks are a wonderful device that saves you the headache from the over used 'toe-ing off' method of removing your boots.


   It is not necessary for boot jacks to hold up to a lot of weight because it is far easier to just step on the bottom of the boot jack with one foot to stabilize it, then place the heel of the opposite boot within the 'U" and gently tug the boot off.


  That's it! Because we have changed our process, we now have a sanded roundover inside the 'U', and good boots should not 'scar' during removal.