Bootjack-How to Use

How to Use a BootJack the Right Way

Way back when, my boot pullers were named Ben, Jason, Jordan and Tyler. I figured that if I had to come in from the hay field and make lunch, my 'crew' could pull off mama's boots.

Not everyone has someone to tug off their boots for them, and toe-ing them off, which we have all done, eventually wears the leather backing off the heel of the boot.

Whoever invented the bootjack or boot pull, has my undying gratitude. Someone somewhere got tired of toeBootjack How to use; Western Hand finished, hand polished bootjack can be removed comfortably when sitting-ing off his boots or begging his wife for help, I bet, and decided that possibly a forked branch would work much better. I concur 🙂 A brilliant idea if I say so myself. And since the said 'mystery boot-pull creator's wife' got tired of getting a sore back, today we no longer have the  lowly boot pull, but instead the elevated and sometimes elegant bootjack.

Currently, there are many bootjacks in different sizes, makes, shapes and colors. Some are of a heavy, sturdy cast iron. Others offer some expensive and beautifully detailed carved leather work. Some are basic; a slab of wood, a stand, and no decoration at all. Many are priced similar in range to ours going from $38 to $45.Yet others are well over $300 and up.

However, they all have one function in common. They get your boots off the easy way. Without asking for help and without damaging the boot.

How to use a bootjack the right way is actually very, very simple. Place the toe of one foot on the bottom end of the jack to secure it and keep it from slipping. Then place the heel of the other boot within the 'U' and gently tug the boot off. That's it.

There is a common misconception that a bootjack must be able to bear a lot of weigh, but this is not so. Because the bootjack slants at an upward angle, the wearer is using leverage to remove a boot.

That, in a nutshell, is what all bootjacks do, regardless of what they look like, where you get them or what they are made of. All the remains is to choose a bootjack style that you love.

Sturdy. Comfortable. Affordable. Lifelong. Beautiful!

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