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Testimonials from our customers!
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Customer comments….


We liked the bonnets a lot!  And I suspect the granddaughter will too.  The Internet at it's best!" Best, Doug and Jan Hanners, Austin,Texas.

THANK YOU sooooooooooooooooo much – the white sunbonnet is PERFECT.  She loved it and the play was a success.  I really enjoyed talking to you.  Lynn Barr

My name is Debbie I talked to you on the phone; I'm from Wausaukee, WI — We talked about different color bonnets for my granddaughter – she is only 5 mo. old. . . . .anyhow I just wanted to let you know that the "Buttercup" yellow bonnet was adorable — Sicilei will grow into it. . .Thought you might enjoy a picture.  Thanks a bunch!   Debbie

Thank YOU, Debbie, for allowing us to see your beautiful granddaughter! Madeleine


"The bonnet arrived yesterday, it is beyond beautiful.  Ivy just couldn't believe her eyes, she does not want to take it off!  Thank you so much, and we are so happy to be able to support a Wyoming business."  Kindest Regards
                    Jo (Evanston, Wyoming)

Dear Madeleine, I have today received my Bonnet. Thank you for your excellent and helpful service and the bonnet is all I hoped for. Thank you!!

                                        Best regards

                                                                    Beryl Randall, UK

……."I just received my sunbonnet and I just LOVE it!  It fits perfect and trust me I can say this because I have ordered a few bonnets from other people and they just don't fit right.  This one is wonderful and I will be ordering another one soon."…………….

                                                                 Elizabeth Gillett, Texas

.…"Dear Madeleine,
      I received the sunbonnets in the mail today.  I cannot find the words to express my satisfaction.  The craftsmanship is ABOVE and BEYOND!
Please let the ladies know how thrilled I am, and how very talented they are.  Seems as though they are fulfilling one of the purposes they were put on this earth to do.  The note cards are beautiful as well. Thank you.  Your shop must be something else to see.  I think I had said, yes, please go ahead with the baby bonnets, didn't I?
      Thanks again,
                            ……Marcia (Side Hill Badger Trading Post)

…."I ordered two of the sunbonnets and you only had one left. After a call, you assured me you'd be able to get me two bonnets, if not of the same color, at least of another color I'd like and in time before I left. Then you contacted me again. You gave me extraordinary service! I will probably order again. Thank you!….
                                                                ………….Mary Roberts, NC…..

…."My daughter's bonnet came today!!  Just in time for the 'Easter Bunny to give it to her! It is beautiful.  She will love it!! ……
                                                                                  Kim L., MS

……."I'm delighted with my bonnet….I was surprised at how fast it got here and how bright the colors were compared to the pictures on the site. I live in a sunny state, South Carolina, so I sure was glad to see these lovely sunbonnets for sale. Thanks again"……

                                                                   Martha Garrettson, S.C

………"I ordered one of the larger bonnets for my aunt because she has a very rare form of skin cancer and I felt the larger bonnet and brim would help keep the sun from her face. I was glad I found you!…………
                                                                          The Nicholsons, VA

…."Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-you!!!  I got my bonnet today!
 I adore it!  I will be wearing it while I weave at the Destrehan  Plantation.  I will also be wearing it while I garden, maybe hunting, definitely building and carpentry work on my husband Charlie's and my 20 acres that we have homesteaded."……….
                                                           Deb Wilson

The bonnet arrived yesterday, it is beyond beautiful.  Ivy just couldn't believe her eyes, she does not want to take it off!  Thank you so much, and we are so happy to be able to support a Wyoming business.       Kindest Regards,  Jo (Evanston, Wyo)

…."Hi Madeleine,

My parents received the sunbonnet a few days ago ; my mother has told me it is very pretty!

I haven't seen it yet but I'm sure it will be perfect for my friend's bachelorette party!

Thanks for everything, your kindness and the speedy delivery!"….

                    Virginie (France)


…."I have purchased two bonnets from two different websites. The quality of the bonnets which I unfortunately purchased from those websites, cannot be compared whatsoever to the highly quality bonnets that I have purchased from Madeleine.

  I am highly impressed and delighted with the bonnets that I have purchased from Madeleine, a woman who takes true pride in her work; which is magnificent in both quality and aesthetics. I am immensely happy with the bonnets which I have purchased from Madeleine. I plan to get all my bonnets from Madeleine, and from no other than her; now and always."


                   Maria, from Utah


.."Hi Madeleine,

I am very pleased with the bonnet.  It is very well made.  I wanted to let you know that I won't be purchasing bonnets from any other tailor but you, as your work is far superior to the other two bonnets I have received elsewhere. 

I had to laugh because I purchased this as a gift for my friend.  She told me yesterday that she had called you and ordered a "Caroline Ingalls" bonnet from you!  So she is getting two bonnets.  She will be so excited when she hears how happy I am with this one, and will, I'm certain, also stick with being your customer. 

Thanks for all your trouble and for offering period-correct bonnets to this re-enactor-at-heart. 


     Valorie Machin…"