Native American Design Carved Bone Feather Earrings

Bird of Prey Native American Design Carved Bone Feather Earrings

Hand Painted and Hand Carved American Made Earrings of Quality

Silver Hawk Sterling Silver Carved Bone Feather EArringsTruly the ultimate in quality craftsmanship, unique beauty and unusual style, these gorgeous bone feather earrings are created with precision detail on buffalo bone using a dentist drill and sometimes a magnifying glass! …to create the painstaking detail of the fanciful birds they originate from. Much time and attention goes into these Hand Carved Bone Feather Earrings and you can be assured of a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that will garner "Where did you get that!?" for many years to come.

Each one of these earrings is labeled with the name/names of the feathers of the bird or birds that have been lovingly carved with delicate detail. To know which earrings or necklace you are getting, just look below the image for the feather names. 

All of these earrings are made here in America, in fact are made in the western region. Though not actually of true Native American origin, this craft was taught by a Native American (who passed away several years ago) so that many of us can now enjoy these beautifully handcrafted Hand Carved Bone Feather Earrings for a lifetime.

For a truly unique and original gift, select either a pair of earrings, or a single earring (usually used with earring cuffs, etc.) for a gift to be remembered.

Life-time Silver Hawk Earrings Guarantee

It's definitely rare these days, but a lifetime guarantee for these earrings simple means that we stand by this jewelry. It is understood that this covers normal wear and that earrings dropped on the street and run over a garbage truck don't fall under this warrantee đź™‚ But if you are wearing these and suddenly a jump ring pulls apart and you drop a feather, yes…send us the earring so that we can get it repaired for you!

These bone feather earring sets are guaranteed for a lifetime for of what is considered as normal wear. Which means earrings can't be worn in bed, (since rolling around can twist or break the earrings or connections) in a hot tub or swimming pool (so easy to get damaged by the bleach!)  as these void warranties. Earrings are sterling silver and may tarnish over time. A simply wipe with a silver cleaning solution will keep them looking like new.

OVERSEAS ORDER? Yes, we can! But PLEASE contact us first to find out what shipping and insurance is to your country.

Harris Hawk Earring set**#1 1 avble 3C  E2D Harris Hawk  black dangle beads-3/4" $57.95 + shipping


Silver Hawk Carved Feather Bone earrings-Ferruginous Hawk and Roughlegged Hawk double earrings-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery#2 1 avble 12L–E4 FerruginousHawk Rough
legged Hawk 1 1/4" feathers $82.95 + shipping
Harris Hawk and Golden Eagle carved bone feather earrings**#3  1 avble 25Z E6 8595 Harris Hawk/Golden Eagle
Dble 1 1/4" and 3/4" feathers  Lg  $81.95 + shipping


Great horned owl earrings#4    1avble11L E2M  **Great Horned Owl 3/4"
feathers $49.50 + shipping


6F-E2 Pin Tail Duck hand carved earrings **#6 1 avble 6F E2 +PinTail Duck
earrings, 1 1/4" feathers $46.50 + shipping


Hawk double earring set#7 1 avble 15O Double earring set of red-tailed hawk & ferruginous hawk 1" feathers $86.95 + shipping


Silver Hawk Sterling silver carved feather earrings peregrine#8 1 avble 1A-E2M Beautiful smoky blue–gray Peregrine
Falcon 1 1/4" $50.95 + shipping


Immature Bald Eagle Earrings with dangles#11  1 avble 16P-E1D  Immature Bald Eagle with red and black dangles Feathers 1.5 " $53.90 + shipping


carved three colored parrot feathers silver hawk earring design#13  1 avble 13M-E2 Striking Tri-Colored parrot feather
earrings  1 1/4" feathers $50.95 + shipping 


#9    7G-4D Immature-Golden Eagle HarrisHawk w/turquoise..dangles 1" & 3/4" feathers $87.95 
Carved Bone Feather Earrings broad tailed hummingbird #14   1 avble RP3-E2 Broad Tailed Hummingbird 1 1/4" feathers $50.95 + shipping


Silver Hawk Carved Feather Bone Earrings of Ferruginous Hawk-Rawhide #15   1 avble 4D  Ferruginous Hawk 1 1/4" feathers $50.95 + shipping


Silver Hawk Golden Eagle#19  1avble 5EB–E5 Golden Eagle Double Earring Set with 3/4" feathers $82.95 + shipping


Silver Hawk Carved Feather Bone Earrings of Mallard Duck double earring set-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery#17  1 avble 8H-E4 Mallard Double Earring Set 1" feathers $85.95 +shipping 


Western Tanager and red cardinal carved bone feather earrings#21  1 avble FB-16 E6 Brilliant feathers of  orange,yellow and red, this is our Tanager and Cardinal earring set. LG feathers are 1" + and the smaller feathers are 3/4" $86.00 + shipping


Silver Hawk Carved Feather Bone Earrings of Red Tailed Hawk-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery#18  1 avble 91-E2 RedTailed Hawk  with blue and silver beads. Large 1 " feathers $50.95 + shipping


Golden Eagle Earring set silver hawk#16  1 avble  5E-E5-E4D Immature Eagle-Harris Hawk Double Earring Set $80.95   + shipping


Violet Eared Sylph Silver Hawk carve earrings#20  1 avble FB-16 E2D Pink/lavender feathered Earrings of the Lilac Breasted Roller.w/dangles Feathers are approx. 3/4"  $48.00 + shipping


Silver Hawk Carved Blue Jay Earrings#22 1 avble  PR-5 E2 Brilliant BlueJay with 1" feathers $48.95 + shipping


Broad Tailed Hummingbird Bone Feather Earrings#24 1 avble RP3X  E2 Broad Tailed Hummingbird 1"  earrings  $53.95 + Shipping 


Violet eared sylph hummingbird earring#23 1 avble   ST 7 Violet Sylph
Hummingbird Earrings  $42.95 + shipping


Violet sylph hummingird#25 1 avble X17 E2D Violet Eared Sylph Hummingbird 3/4 feather length w/dangles 48.95 +shipping


birds of prey bone feather earrings blue jay#10 1 avble 6RW-E4 Lilac breasted roller and Tree Swallow $85.95 + shipping 
triple blue dangle earring blue mallard bone feather earrings#12 1 avble XS-E2D.Mallard Feather Earring w/blue dangle beads  $48.95 + shipping


Carved Bone feather earrings with blue bead dangles#26 1 avble B7-E6 Harris Hawk-Immature Bald Eagle $82.95 + shipping


Silver Hawk Carved bone feather sterling silver earrings#5 1 avble 3CA Harris Hawk medium  3/4" feather with red-bead dangles.$57.95 plus shipping .


Harris Hawk Carved feather earrings
#27 1 avble 3C-E2-LG Harris Hawk with blue beads, 1.25 inch feathers $48.95 + shipping


Immature Golden Eagle
#28 SOLD A4-14 Immature Bald Eagle, 1.5 inch earrings $62.95 + shipping
Immature Golden Eagle Earrng set with beaded dangles# 29 1 avble NS0-E2D Immature Bald Eagle with beaded dangles 1.25 inch feathers $56.95 + shipping


Rough Legged Hawk# 30 1 avble FRB-E1 Rough Legged Hawk, 1.5 inch feathers $62.95 + shipping