Belt Buckle Blanks

Unique Novelty Belt Buckle Blanks for Personalization and  DIY Designers
Made for Silver 50 cent pieces, Morgan Silver Dollars or round Cabochon Jewelry Inserts.
Belt Buckles that you can add your own design to. Oval  and rectangular belt buckle blanks Round Oval belt blanks, some with no detail, and others with traditional western ‘floral’ style carving around the edges. Some of the buckles are for adding silver dollars and cabochons while others have inserts for BOTH the larger silver dollar (1.5 inches) and the smaller silver dollar.

This page will remain up for google indexing purposes, but we are no longer able to order or find these kinds of buckles, What is listed below are examples

black and gold embossed detailed belt buckle brlank






These are now currently sold out as of (August 1, and 2nd, 2021)
It is with sincere regrets that we inform our many loyal customers over the
past several years that we are unable to acquire these buckle blanks. 

Gold and Black Coin insert Belt Blank






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