Belt buckle blanks for Carving, Engraving, Painting and Decorating

Unique Novelty Belt Buckle Blanks for Personzliation and  DIY Designers 

Fun collection of different styles and different shapes of blank buckles that you can use to create unique and one of a kind gifts. The engraver, the leather carver and the painter will have a good choice to work from in creating a beautifully designed and personal gift. 
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Belt Buckle Blank bronze tone of rectangular shape and great for adding your own design
Beautiful Bronze tone belt buckle blank perfect for adding your own design
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Round Belt buckle blank 
The round plate is 2.6" in diamter and fits a standard 1.5" belt. The circular silver tone buckle gives ample room for something like a beaded design.
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Gorgeous copper finish with twisted rope edging.
Decorative Rope Trim on an Oval Silver Toned Buckle BlankThis buckle is imported. It's about 3.5" x 2.95 brushed silvertone background excellent for engraving.The rope 'trim' extends off the buckle itself for a neat touch.
Oval shaped belt buckle with rope trim
Bronze Tone Oval Belt Buckle Blank has a truly western look with rope trim. Fits standard 1.5" belts and has a decortating space of 4" x 3"
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Decorative Belt Buckle Blank for men or womenBlack and Silver Toned Rectangular Belt Buckle Blank has an oval area for adding your beaded, leather or metal design. Design is perfect for men orwomen.
Shredded tears on a silvertoned background buckle blankThis unique buckle blank has artistically placed 'tears' on the corner. This buckl would be perfect for a selt-styled emblem or personal logo. Fits standard 1/5" belts and has dimensions of 4" x 3.5"
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Leather oval belt buckle blank with white lace trimThis buckle is PERFECT for the talented decorative designer! Detail your own design on the leather background with paints or carving tools. White laced twisted rope-like trim.
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Chain Link Belt Buckle Blank for PersonalizationReally unique belt buckle blank has a chain link trim. Have a logger or lumberjack in your life? Is your son a little budding biker? Personalize this belt buckle blank just for him!
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Octagonal Rectangular Buckle BlankThis High Quality Silver toned rectangle buckle has enough room for a classy insert of your choosing. Expert at beading or leather carving? Insert your work here for a unique look. Measures: 3 3/4" by 2 1/2"
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Rectangular Belt Buckle Blank with a nice, masculine decorative edge
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