Baby Cotton Sunbonnets


Baby Cotton Sunbonnets and sun hats are not just for baby girls. We have some bonnets for baby boys as well. which are perfect for summer wear and outside play. Made of light colors, these baby sunbonnets will  keep your baby cool as well as protected from the heat and the burn of summer sun.

Baby Girl Boy SunBonnetsWe pick soft pastels, summery colors and baby prints. Some of the prints we choose, like Kermit the Frog, are even perfect for litle boys, For the girl bonnets, we like to use soft pinks, seersukcer with tiny prints, and even white and pastel eyelet. The eyelet material also makes wonderful christening and baptism bonnets.

These baby girl and baby bonnets are made of cotton, or a cotton polyester blend. They are perfectly suited to summer outdoor play and will stand up to wear. These sun hats are completely washable an easy to wear.


Our cotton sunbonnets are also adjustable with a ties at the neck ruffle line. Brims are shady with a depth of 3 1/2" and a back neck ruffle of 2". and will fit and infant from 3- 9 months. Though these bonnets are listed in size from an infant to several months, the cap can be adjusted to fit. For the younger baby, pull the ties insdie tight which will reduce the size of the cap and pull the brim further back To create more room, loosen the ties. As well, to give you a better idea of measurements, visit this page, or view this baby bonnet boy and girl head measurement chart.


Its easy to care for these casual cotton bonnets by washing in a delicate cycle with a gentle detergent and dry on a low setting in your dryer. Or, you might want to handwash. When dry, spray lightly with water and iron.


Our baby cotton sunbonnets are $12.95 plus shipping.

Shipping is included in the PAYPAL price and is shipped FIRST CLASS.

For shipping outside the U.S, please contact us


Fresh green baby bonnet with tiny kermit pattern
#1 3avble Soft green
with Kermit the frog.

Baby bonnet in pink with dark pink roses
#2 1 avble  Soft pink with tiny scattered roses. NM

sky blue baby bonnet with dense packed flower pattern
#3 3avble Sky blue flowers densely packed on white bk
Baby Cotton SunBonnets Bright Pink with lighter pink scalloped edging-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
#4 2avble Bright pink w/lighter pink scalloped edge
Baby bonnet with pink roses on white seersucker baclground Baby blue bonnet with darker tiny blue roses on background-Rawhide gifts and Gallery
#61avble NM
Pretty med blue with
roses and vines NM

Gorgeous Pastel Lime Green baby bonnet with tiny flowers-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery

#7 1 avble Lt lime w/tiny white flowers, color is gorgeous!

baby bonnet with care bears pattern
#8 3 avble Tiny Care Bears, Cute! NM

Violet and darker violet roses baby bonnet
#9 3 avble NM
 violet shade, (like #6) w/tiny roses/ vines

soft blue baby bonnet with very subtle tiny pattern
#10  2avble Blue-gray w/tiny, subtl circular patterns. 

Hot Bright Pink baby girls bonnet-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
#11  1 avble Bright
Pink, NO embr
stitching on brim

White baby bonnet with pink scalloped embroidery
#12 2 avble White bonnet, subtle pattern.
pink scalloped embr

soft shell pink babys bonnet with roses
#14 3 avble pale rose pink with deep rose colored flowers

soft pink baby bonnet with darker pink scalloped embroidery
#15 3 avble Shell pink sun hat with pastel pink scallops