Period Correct Aprons

     My Period Correct Aprons made of material that are correct for that  time period and will go well with many of my Period Correct Western Sunbonnets. Did you know that the aprons did not match the bonnets the women wore back then? They didn't have quite the wonderful choices of fabric that we do today for our period correct aprons and bonnets.

What are the Aprons Made of?

    Period correct aprons and mobcaps are made of period correct colors and good quality cotton/polyester; the white apron and mobcaps made of Jamestown cotton. I made these all of a synthetic mateial; a polyester/cotton blend. For true re-enactors that are interested in getting as close as possible to the authentic aprons, I can make these out of 100% cotton. But I need lead time as I don't have local access to material that has the type of period correct patterning the most people prefer.

   We are unable to provide matching aprons for every bonnet we have for sale.

Care of the Aprons

    These aprons are super easy to work with. They have long ties in the back and a fairly deep hem. When washing, wash on cool to medium temps, tumble dry and then iron. I usually mist the material to dampen it just a bit and then iron the wrinkles out.

How are They Sewn?

   Sorry! they are not done on a treadle machine, but on a standard machine. I 've done no hand-stitching on them, etiher. The closest I can come to the period correct is using the 100 % cotton small prints authentic to the time period. If you are interested in authentic material for your aprons, please contact me by text or voice mail at number

Period Correct Aprons, period correct colored material of polyester and cotton

Apron 12 avble
 Dusty Blue w/ a lighter blue pattern $26.95 plus shipping


Period corret Aprons White apron, half apronApron 2
 $26.95plus shipping
Period Correct Aprons Material and Color-Half Apron, long waist ties-Rawhide Gifts and GalleryApron 3 1avble
Wine red w/ a lighter pattern $26.95plus shipping


Period Correct Aprons and Material  Color-Half Apron, long waist ties-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
Apron 4  2 avble
Dusty green/forest green patrerning $26.95plus shipping


Period CorrectAprons,  Material and Color-Half Apron, long waist ties-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
Apron 5 Checked Pattern $26.95 plus shipping


Period Correct Aprons and White mobcap-lined-cotton- gathered with approx 2 inch ruffle and lace-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery

Night Cap- ADULT
White, (lined)
$16.95 plus shipping