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Prayer Shawl in Moody Blues

Mile a Minute Granny Stitch Strips

UPDATE; So many of you have come to see if the pattern was done. How awful I feel for not getting it done sooner….but I wear many hats and in the summer, it seems I wear even more. Too often it seems like the website takes a back seat. However, I have finished the prayer shawl  (my mom modeled it, reluctantly, but she is such a good sport!) and it’s completed.

twisted sc stitch

Fun twisted sc stitch gives a braided look to the edges of each crocheted strip

You control the design or project by making the strips as long or as short as you like. I used the yarn to put 9 strips together for an afghan and using other colors, created 4 of them that I planned to stitch together for a shawl. I ended up only putting 3 together because it looked better than with four, which was too bulky.

If you end up with a lot of left overs, this could be an awesome winter project when making a Joseph’s coat blanket!

Moody Blues Prayer Shawl Pattern




Ladies Sunbonnet for Reenactors, Gardening or Cancer Prevention
Bootjacks and Boot pulls, both pine wood and cedar wood. Personalized or Standard
Guaranteed High Quality Montana Silversmith Ladies Bracelets

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