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Triple Half Double Crochet


Wow….the things I DIDN’T get done in the last few weeks seem to outnumber the things I NEED to get done. First, I finally finished income taxes, with which, btw, I hate with a passion. Then this horrific nightmare of the coronovirus has completely changed the landscape of our lives lately in our little town…Indeed, all over… Then some glitch got into my website where I was unable to edit or change posts. Eventually it got so that I couldn’t get in to my website at all. The last straw was next door neighbors that my husband and I thought were a nice, quiet young couple. It turned out that drugs were involved, suspicious traffic, abuse and I don’t know what all else. Twenty feet away no less. I can’t think of a more relaxing thing, right now, than to continue burying my nose into making new patterns and focusing in writing them up, Can you? Ok…Tell me how YOUR week is going. Probably better than mine 🙂

This is a cute stitch that I thought would work great on lots of things. In fact, I had in mind to make a nice sweater for myself in an denim colored ombre that I thought would go with anything and never clash. It actually looks a bit like a stonewashed denim in fact. And because I am an intensely visual person, I like photos, lots of them. Make that one for every single step. And I like to color code things, too. Hopefully this will make a super easy, wonderfully fun pattern a snap to read and follow……

Triple Half Double Crochet step 3

Color Coded Crochet Diagram Photos


Ladies Sunbonnet for Reenactors, Gardening or Cancer Prevention
Bootjacks and Boot pulls, both pine wood and cedar wood. Personalized or Standard
Guaranteed High Quality Montana Silversmith Ladies Bracelets

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