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Embroidered baby bonnet for girls

I just started on several new types of baby bonnets but, since it seemed I had a serious case of the shakes, (I was trying to photograph one-handed) I am probably going to have to start all over from the beginning.

I was on a roll with these beauties. Each bonnet, and I do mean each one, is completely different.  I  had so much  fun playing with them and creating different looks that I didn't repeat any pattern at all. The only thing that was the same was the style.

The one at the right was also something I tried to embroider on the machine before I sewed the pieces together.

Though the bonnet is small, I tested it on an 8 month old little girl who's head measured 19.5 inches around. So these bonnets will actually fit your baby for a good while. The bonnet can easily be tightened by pulling on the drawing string at the back to make the bonnet smaller To make it larger, loosen the draw string.

I will be working steadiy putting the bonnets and the new page up. Af first, you may only see one or two or three….but as I continue to take the photos and sew news ones, they will be added to the page. Currently, I have about 9 done and want to put them up as soon as I can.




Gold and Black . silver and black Coin insert Belt Blank

Managed to procure a few new belt buckles with coin inserts for Morgan silver dollars or coins 1.5 inches in size. They are getting harder and harder to find but these are our two new ones.

The silver ones, being the most popular, were almost completely sold out and I was able to get only the last two they had.

The gold, also pretty in my opinion though not as popular, was available in only the last 8 buckles I was able to get ahold of. 

View at http://www.rawhidestudios.com/belt-buckle-blanks



Just added a new page of long necked, longer brimmed women's sunbonnets. Just testing out the response of these bonnets, but currently a few are availble.  Each bonnet is labeled with information that will be of value to re-enmactors and the like concerning period correct-ness. While each bonnet is period correWomens Gardening hat period correct red long neckct in design, not all are if the pattern or material used is modern. 

Visit https://rawhidestudios.com/womens-sunbonnets-long-neck-back-longer-brim-side-panels-greater-sun-protection/


These are the new denim jacket embroidered denim shirt and denim jacket appliques. I started making several and testing how they would look whZuni Bear DIY blue jean denim shirt appliqueen sewn on a garment. If push came to shove, my favorites are the most colorful ones done on black.


Some have been embroidered on denim and what is so much fun doing that is each piece of denim (because of weights and dye processes) are different. 

I decided that the two I sewed on lighter weight material will go great on a lightweight shirt, but from now on, all the zuni bear applique patches will be sewn on denim or a lighter weight black canvas. Not only will this make the patches more durable in the long run, but the dark color will give excellent contrast to the vibrant colors of these bears. 

I have a few more to get embroidered and added to the page, but in the meantime, the ones I have up are here at  https://rawhidestudios.com/zuni-bear-southwest-native-american-blue-jean-denim-jacket-diy-appliques/

And instruction on how to sew them to a jacket or shirt back can be found here https://rawhidestudios.com/sewing-zuni-bear-embroidered-applique-patch-jacket-shirt/


Old Fashioned Long Tailed Sun Bonnet

My sister got this old style bonnet from an estate sale or something of that nature. I thought it was intriguing enough for me to play with and see if I could make a pattern from it.

The first time was…while not quite a mess, didn't look right and the pieces weren't fitting the way I knew they should. The side pieces I ended up having to angle upwards and top stitch. SoNew Improved bonnet using the old long tailed bonnet for a pattern I decided to go back to the drawing board, start again, tweak the pieces I had originally cut and redo the pattern pieces and this is what I came up with. (lower right)

This was fun… Though simple, I still had not ever made a pattern from something that was already made without tearing the item apart. It meant throwing away my first experiments.

I would consider this a period correct bonnet not only in it's design, but because I also use homespun cotton. Homespun is a bit rough and scratchy to the touch but if you are a re-enactor and looking for something that is authentic, these period bonnets would work for just that purpose.

I will try to post this after looking to see if all the photos I took are clear, then add info on how I did this bonnet. At some point, I would like to see about tweaking the pattern again so that there is a choice of  the longer brim that I made and a shorter one as well as making the cap a bit fuller.

I would like to try to use the same pieces and maybe make the brim smaller, mabye the back cap more gathered. However, when I showed my sister the end result, she preferred the result I came up with rather than the original. All a matter of taste 🙂 This was fun though !!

How I Made a Pattern from a Ladies Pioneer Long Neck-Ruffled Bonnet



Ladies Sunbonnet for Reenactors, Gardening or Cancer Prevention
Bootjacks and Boot pulls, both pine wood and cedar wood. Personalized or Standard
Guaranteed High Quality Montana Silversmith Ladies Bracelets

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