Rawhide Gifts and Sunbonnets

Rawhide Gifts Bonnets and Bootjacks,
Ladies Gathered Sunbonnets,Girl's Sunbonnets,
Fancy, Regular and Personalized Bootjacks,
Birds of Prey Silver Hawk Earrings – Hand Painted,
Ladies Montana Silver Bracelets, Belt Buckle Blanks
Siskiyou Jewelry


Men's Fringe Leather Jackets
The Old West isn't dead yet! While they were the height of style in the 70's, these amazing
leather jackets are making a comeback with a fashionable flair
Men's Leather Jackets

Leather fringe shirt

Gorgeous Rustic Cabin-Lodge Quilts and Duvets

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I have a deep love for western decor and jewelry or country rustic decor and jewelry. The company I used to buy quilts from for our store is, sadly, no longer in business. But Amazon carries an awesome collection of them and in many colors, styles and sizes. Pretty reasonably priced I might add and all of them with free shipping. As a business owner, shipping is what I can honestly say is hurting many small businesses today. So whenever we can find a fantastic deal on shipping, we all jump on it, don't we?

Take a look at the gorgeous, colorful, and warm! quilts that I rounded up for you on this page. Keep in mind that while I put a good sampling up this page, it never hurts to look in depth for additional items to match your decor that I haven't added to the info. (hopefully later!)

Rustic Quilts and Duvets

Country Rustic Charm in Orange and Black Camo-Lodge Cabin Quilt Duvet




Ladies Sunbonnet for Reenactors, Gardening or Cancer Prevention
Bootjacks and Boot pulls, both pine wood and cedar wood. Personalized or Standard
Guaranteed High Quality Montana Silversmith Ladies Bracelets

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