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Silver Hawk Hand Carved Painted Bone Feather Earrings

Silver Hawk Carved bone feather sterling silver earrings


I had this page up quite a long time ago but never had any idea that when people tried to access it, they got a 404 (page not found) error code. After all, it always seemed to show up for me! So, because of serious coding issues, I have been re-working the page in the last several days. To be sure, it's still got a bit of work left to do on it (get new photos up that are of a smaller file  size so that download time is reduced, fixing viewing issues, correct alignment, adding the necklaces etc) but the page can at least be viewed. 

Silver Hawk Earrings





Grilling Notebook Journal

I don't turn my grill on, but my husband does 🙂

Do you have a griller in the family? This journaling notebook would be sure to please as it's a standard 8.5 x 11 inch notebook with plenty of room to record new recipes. Each of the 110 lined sheets has a small space at the top for sticking a photo or anything else your griller would like to place. 

Summer is definitely the season for grilling. Record and keep your best 
 secret recipes to hand down in the family with this notebook journal.




overworked journal




…..and for another unusual gag gift……..
Eveyone has those days. For laughs and giggles, gift this to the person you know who's overworked with a great sense of humor!






Western Chic……Saddle Blanket Totes, Purses and Overnighters
in Southwest Colors

 overnight saddle blanket bag

I love the look of purses, handbags and overnighters made with colorful woven saddle blankets. A distinctly western or southwestern kind of chic, they are still beautiful and colorful as well as functional.

These are just a very, very few that I found that were particularly suitable to be both classy, chic and yet look relaxed and comfortable





Bandana summer breeze ladies sunbonnet, Brimmed Sun Bonnets

The 'New' Old Fashioned Ladies Brimmed Sun Bonnets

Brimmed Sun Bonnets are nothing new, and while old fashioned, they are now making a come back. With the increase of skin cancer and the new research on the concerns of chemically based sunscreens, brimmed sun bonnets are back. Take a peek at the Summer Breeze bonnets we have this summer. All handmade in the USA. 🙂  This new Bandana print and a 'watercolor' print ladies sun bonnet are available at Summer Breeze Sunbonnets here.



Ladies Sunbonnet for Reenactors, Gardening or Cancer Prevention
Bootjacks and Boot pulls, both pine wood and cedar wood. Personalized or Standard
Guaranteed High Quality Montana Silversmith Ladies Bracelets

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