Women's Regular Sunbonnets

Rawhide Gift and Gallery’s bonnets are made with quality material and attention to detail. Each bonnet brim is made with several layers of material and then quilted, keeping the bonnet firm instead of floppy, but allowing the bonnet to be entirely wash-and-wear.

All adult bonnets have a roomy cap to cover a variety of hair styles and thicknesses. The brim extends from the cap approximately 5 1/2″ to 6″ and the neck ruffle, made to cover the neck from sunburn, is 3 1/2″ to 4″ inches long. Since elastic wears out so easily and is not adjustable, each bonnet comes with an interior set of draw string ties which allows for adjustment to each head. The tighter the drawstrings, the more the brim pulls back from the face. The looser the ties, the more the brim shades the face.

While we have the largest selection of bonnets online, you might notice that many only offer one bonnet remaining of a certain color. We purchase as much material as we can of one color, but a tag stating 1 available simply means we are at the end of that material run and there is no longer any material to match it.

Please feel free to browse our wonderful selection of colorful bonnets!

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