Birds of a Feather Bone Earrings

Truly the ultimate in quality craftsmanship, unique beauty and unusual style, these gorgeous bone feather earrings are created with precision detail on buffalo bone using a dentist drill and sometimes a magnifying glass! …to create the painstaking detail of the fanciful birds they originate from. Much time and attention goes into these Hand Carved Bone Feather Earrings and you can be assured of a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that will garner “Where did you get that!?” for many years to come.
Each one of these earrings is labeled with the name/names of the feathers of the bird or birds that have been lovingly carved with delicate detail. To know which earrings or necklace you are getting, just look below the image for the feather names. To see a close-up image, click on the image for a larger view.
All of these earrings are made here in America, in fact are made in the western region. Though not actually of true Native American origin, this craft was taught by a Native American (who passed away several years ago) so that many of us can now enjoy these beautifully handcrafted Hand Carved Bone Feather Earrings for a lifetime.
These delicately carved earrings come with a life time warranty, covering normal wear, (not abuse) and can be sent to the original company for repair.
To get an earring/necklace matching set, please just contact us. We will visit with the company and order the bird feather earring and necklace matching set you have your heart set on. You will be delighted with result and the excellent quality.
For a truly unique and original gift, select either a pair of earrings, or a single earring (usually used with earring cuffs, etc.) for a gift to be remembered.

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